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Why We’re The UK’s Number 1 Event Ticketing Platform

The events industry is coming back strong after dealing with the COVID pandemic. Nearly all restrictions have been lifted in the UK, allowing venues to start holding physical events again. The public is eager to get back out there and enjoy live events, allowing you to reach a wider audience and sell more tickets.

Maximise your event sales with the leading event ticketing platform in the UK. Seatedly offers a complete solution for selling tickets and monitoring sales data online at an affordable price. Discover the advantages of using our platform to sell tickets to your upcoming events.

The Events Industry Is Expected To Grow Significantly

Each year, the events sector contributes over £40 billion to the UK economy and supports over 570,000 full-time jobs. With over 10,000 venues, the UK is one of the top destinations for special events in Europe.  

The events industry was also one of the hardest-hit sectors during the coronavirus pandemic. Venues were shut down for many months, leading to almost 100,000 job losses by the end of 2020. Luckily, the government has started reopening the economy.

The music and events industry started to rebound during the summer. The lifting of restrictions allowed venues to start hosting events again to the delight of event-goers up and down the country. The events sector has already seen an 8% rise over the previous quarter.

Despite the setbacks caused by the pandemic, analysts still expect the events industry to continue growing. The sector was valued at $1,135 billion in 2019 and should reach $1,552 billion by 2028. The largest types of events include:

  • Corporate events and seminars
  • Sports events
  • Music concerts
  • Exhibitions and conferences
  • Festivals

The lack of COVID restrictions and increased public interest in events should help drive more ticket sales. Now is the time to start lining up events and selling tickets.

Why Do You Need An In-House Event Ticketing Platform?

Using a dedicated ticketing platform saves time, energy, and money. Your staff spends less time dealing with the hassle of managing ticket sales with inferior or outdated software. Our streamlined dashboard allows anyone to set up events and start selling tickets easily.

Along with simplifying the way that you handle ticket sales, using the correct ticketing solution offers many additional benefits:

  • Superior access control
  • Check guests in faster
  • Sell tickets in advance
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Give your staff greater support

Using ticketing software improves access control, as every ticket is kept in our system. You can track the sale of each ticket, which reduces the risk of fraud. Access control also allows you to track how many guests are attending, how many have checked in, and other valuable metrics.

Our platform ultimately speeds up the process of getting attendees into your venue. You can check guests in faster using our mobile app and by dealing with fewer in-person ticket sales at the gate. As the tickets are offered online, you can start selling tickets far in advance of the event’s date. 

Online ticket sales also provide access to a wider audience. You are not limited to guests in the immediate area. People can buy their tickets online, whether you plan an in-person or virtual event.

Your staff will also enjoy the extra support provided by our event ticketing platform. They can spend less time dealing with physical ticket sales and more time on their core responsibilities. 

Stay Safe With Seatedly’s Innovative Event Ticketing Platform

Seatedly harnesses the latest technology to deliver a cost-effective ticketing solution for all types of live events, including in-person and online events. 

Seatedly was designed using cloud-based technology. Taking this approach means the platform can securely manage large volumes of data in real-time across multiple locations. 

Seatedly also provides more control over the reselling process, allowing you to place restrictions on how customers can resell tickets after purchase. We all know ticket touting is an ever-present problem in this industry; making sure event-goers get the opportunity to buy tickets at a fair price is one of our core beliefs.  

Discover The Value Of Using Seatedly To Sell Event Tickets

The efficiency of our cloud-based platform positions us as the top choice for ticketing software in the UK. Yet, our innovative system provides a wide range of additional features. Here are some of the highlights of our event ticketing platform:

  • Host unlimited events
  • Securely accept multiple currencies
  • Offer seat selection and discount codes
  • Send automated tickets and reminders
  • View analytics from your dashboard
  • Sell merchandise online as a standalone purchase or as an upsell when purchasing tickets

You can use our platform for both physical and virtual events. When customers purchase tickets for virtual events, they receive a unique link with details for accessing the event. 

For physical events, we send customers e-tickets with scannable barcodes. However, we can also set you up with the ability to print and send custom paper tickets. After setting up an event, your staff can use our check-in app to easily check attendees in and out with a single push of a button. 

Host Unlimited Events With A Single Platform

With restrictions lifted across the UK, you are now free to host indoor and outdoor events with no limit on seating capacity. Our platform ensures that you are prepared for a busy event season by allowing you to host an unlimited number of events. 

The Seatedly platform is 100% customisable. You can modify the sales page to align with your brand. Add your logo, colours, and other details to represent your business or venue. 

Accept Multiple Currencies With Secure Payment Processing

Our platform uses secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption for secure payment processing. We use encryption from Rapid SSL and rely on the Stripe Infrastructure to give you and your customers a more secure way to transfer funds.

You can also accept a wide range of currencies, which allows you to connect with a larger market. Instead of only accepting GBP or EUR payments, you can accept SEK, NOK, DKK, PLN, CZK, and more.

Offer Seat Selection And Discounts To Attendees

Seatedly stands out as the top ticketing platform thanks to our wide selection of features, including the option to offer seat selection. You can create a complete seat map of your venue and allow customers to pick their seats.

Allowing customers to pick their seats increases ticket sales, as some people prefer to have the option of sitting in specific areas. For example, some people only want to sit up front while others prefer to sit near the exits or food stands.

Our system also provides the option to create discount codes. Offering discount codes is a great way to boost sales and fill more seats; after all, everyone loves getting a deal. You can set up discount codes for specific events or ticket types to help your customers save more money.

Send Automated Tickets And Reminders

After buying a ticket through our system, customers automatically receive their tickets via email. Customers receive access information for virtual events and e-tickets for physical events. 

We can also send out reminders a few hours, days or weeks before the event. You can limit refunds by ensuring that customers remember to attend.

View Analytics From Your Dashboard

The Seatedly user dashboard provides access to everything needed for managing and tracking ticket sales. You can view a variety of analytics for tracking the success of your event as well as track sales, revenue, and the demographics of customers.

You retain complete control over the data. You can use the analytics obtained through your ticket sales to improve future marketing campaigns. 

Contactless Ticket Sales For Increased Safety

As the pandemic winds down and venues start reaching full capacity, offering online ticket sales helps you maintain public safety. Guests can buy their tickets online from the safety of their own homes instead of spending more time in public.

Fewer in-person ticket sales also cut down on the lines at the entrance. When combined with our mobile check-in app, the increase in online ticket holders helps limit congestion. You can seat guests quickly instead of forcing attendees to crowd together near the gate or wait in long lines.


The events industry is already starting to rebound from the pandemic. The government eased restrictions in July, allowing venues to start booking at full capacity. 

Seatedly provides a convenient, low-cost solution for selling and managing tickets for all types of events. From corporate events and conferences to music festivals and sports matches, our ticketing platform saves time and money. 

Our system is also backed by the best support. Customers can use our online chat feature to receive priority support for any of their concerns. You can give attendees an easier, more secure option for buying tickets while giving your staff greater freedom to focus on their job duties.
Contact us today or book a demo to join our event ticketing platform and increase your ticket sales today!

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