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Why Seatedly Is One of the UK’s Top Sports Ticketing Companies


The 1999 Champions League final, Usain Bolt running in The Olympics , Rumble in The Jungle. Live sports has given us some amazing moments, that’s why it’s one of the biggest live entertainment industries around.

Humans have long felt the need to compete with each other. Cave paintings in France dating back 15,000 years depict humans wrestling each other. Live sporting events give humans a safe way to compete with each other, something most other animals do only in order to survive. Sporting events with fans in vivid seats now are as almost as much for the people in the crowd, as they are for the athletes themselves to compete.

There’s an undeniable appeal in watching humans performing at their peak, test their skills against fellow professionals. The range of emotions in a stadium can be broad, with fans experiencing peaks and troughs, sharing those emotions in support of an athlete, team, or country.

For the athletes competing, the crowd adds an edge, and home turf is an acknowledged advantage in most sports. In live televised events in the past 18 months, the lack of a crowd during the Coronavirus pandemic was noted through the absence of the atmosphere they normally generate. 

The pandemic has shown us that live sporting events are an important part of society today, so it’s important to choose the right event ticketing platform from a company like Seatedly, to sell tickets to an event.

Why are live sporting events so Important? 

There are a number of reasons that sporting events are an important part of society today. Live sports provide a number of benefits for the fans, the athletes and wider society in general.

For athletes, testing their ability against high level opponents, encourages the athletes to reach greater potential, driving competition and performance. In turn, this drive can inspire the younger generation, not just to get active, but also to learn good sportsmanship, teamwork and how to lose.

Large live sports events can also provide a boost to the local economy in the area around the venue. Long term investment for events like The Olympics or The World Cup can come from the hospitality industry with hotels and restaurants also creating jobs in the area. In the short term, revenue from fans using those facilities can help local businesses. It can also raise the profile of the city hosting the event.

Live sports also give a sense of unity, and provide an outlet for emotion for fans and can be great opportunities to network as well. That’s why at Seatedly, as one of the top sports ticketing companies, we know the experience begins with the anticipation of selecting a seat and purchasing a ticket.

How Popular Are Live Sports?

It’s not just us who believe that live sports are special events (though we are a little biased). Statistically, live sports attract huge numbers of fans worldwide. 

Huge, one off or sporadic events like The World Cup final, draw in attendances of an average of 80,000 fans each year, for the last three years (source). More regularly, Premier league attendance figures average almost 40,000 fans per match for the 2018-2019 season (source). Wembley stadium in London has a capacity of 90,000 and is often sold out for national matches.

It’s not only the most popular sport in the world that is watched by millions though. In America, even league play for the MLB was watched by a total of 68.48 million fans (source), and that’s for a sport not widely followed outside of the United States.

With this level of attendance to live sporting events, it’s clear that the online ticketing solutions for these have to consider multiple factors, including the tickets themselves, user experience on the ticket sales platform, access control and venue safety.

We created Seatedly as a sports ticketing solution with both our clients, and their audience in mind. We’ve implemented a number of features unique to our platform and we constantly assess the performance of it, keeping it optimised.

There’s plenty of reasons to choose Seatedly as your online ticket sales platform, and we’ve broken some of them down into different categories below.


When choosing seats, we’ve optimized our ticketing platform for both our clients and their customers.

For our clients, our “Smart Seating” algorithm will reduce the number of empty seats between parties, maximising venue capacity. In these times it’s also important to consider the social distancing requirements, noting that they can vary regionally. Our algorithm can be adjusted according to your venue and local Covid-19 restrictions. We can ensure only socially distanced seating is available to purchase.

This is paired with a “Best Available” function which will show customers the best available seats at the time of their purchase, encouraging an up-sell by showing them what a little more could buy them.

For customers choosing their seats, our interactive seat mapping shows the customers an accurate map of your venue. With this, they can zoom in on different sections of the venue and select their exact seat to watch the action from.

Why We Are The Top Sports Ticketing Company Here In The UK

We provide a full ticketing solution, with both e-tickets and printed tickets. All our tickets are customisable, meaning you can represent your event’s branding or imagery on them. 

Tickets also have a number of unique identifiers on them, which ties the customer’s name, email address and postcode to the ticket.

Any lost or misplaced confirmations can be re-sent to the customer with just the click of a button, using any of the unique identifiers. This saves time for your customer service team and streamlines the experience for the audience.

For any event, Seatedly allows you to set custom bookings fees. Not only that, but you keep 100% of all bookings fees, meaning Seatedly customers earn an average of 7% more per ticket when compared to our rivals. 

Our ticketing software allows you to accommodate different levels of ticket for individual events, or season tickets for multiple events. It’s even possible to set a dynamic pricing plan by raising or lowering the price based on the percentage of tickets available and sold. 

With Seatedly you can set custom voucher codes or promotional offers easily shareable on social media, to generate further interest in your live sporting event.

Customers can create accounts and sign in using facebook or twitter. This makes it much simpler for them to checkout when using the platform again, encouraging return business.

Access Control

Access control to a live sporting venue is not simply a matter of loss prevention, but a serious safety concern. Fortunately, modern practices mean sporting venues are extremely safe, and a lot of that comes down to careful planning for  crowd numbers. At Seatedly, we know this is an important concern for live events providers. 

Our platform is scalable, meaning even high attendance events and large capacity venues can trust our ticketing solution.

We’ve designed our system so that all our tickets generate a unique barcode which registers as “checked in” the moment they are scanned. Not only are the unique barcodes difficult to replicate, reducing scalping and ticket fraud, but the ticket can not be used as a duplicate at a different venue entry point, thanks to the instant updating of the tickets status the moment a barcode is used.

The barcodes are scanned using an app available for smartphone devices, reducing the need for extra equipment on the gates.


Our sports ticketing software is designed to be as simple and secure to integrate and use as possible. Our platform is cloud based, meaning you don’t host any software yourself. We are responsible for the uptime and server maintenance, meaning your team is free to focus on your event. High capacity servers mean even a surge in traffic to our platform will not cause any dip in performance.

Our platform is also completely integrable with existing websites. Of course, at Seatedly we can build a website around our ticketing platform, but we know switching websites can be a pain. We therefore have a fully managed support team who can help integrate our system with your existing website, and ensure it runs smoothly.

We even have a platform transition team, whose job it is to ensure no downtime when moving to our ticketing platform.

Our payments are processed by Stripe meaning customer data is secured through modern encryption. However, if you have a preferred payment provider already, we are able to incorporate most major providers into our ticketing platform.

Wrapping Up

You can see we are passionate about live sports, especially after so many great events were cancelled in 2020. It’s a core reason we are one of the top sports ticketing companies around, our passion makes our platform better.

There are many different reasons that people go to live sporting events. They go for tourism, to support a team, to see high level competition, or even for LinkedIn style networking events.
For safety, security, user experience and venue mapping, Seatedly is one of the top sports ticketing companies in the UK. For more information, or for a demonstration of how we could help you, get in touch with our team today.

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