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The Fastest Growing Online Ticketing System in the UK

An online ticketing system makes it easier to manage ticket sales and promote events. You gain access to helpful analytics and simplify the ticket purchasing process for attendees.

Ticketing systems have existed since the early days of the internet, but one platform stands out. Seatedly is currently the fastest-growing online ticketing system in the UK. 

People and organisations that host events have discovered the value of selling tickets through our platform. Seatedly only requires a small commission for each ticket sold, allowing you to maximise ticket sales and revenue. Commissions start at just 1.8% per ticket

Along with offering some of the lowest fees in the industry, we provide access to the latest technologies. Our innovative platform includes a combination of features you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Here’s a closer look:

What Is An Online Ticketing System?

An online ticketing system provides an all-in-one solution for selling tickets to physical or virtual events. Customers can purchase tickets online instead of at the event or through a third-party box office.

With Seatedly, you receive even more features for promoting and managing your ticket sales. Our platform includes a dashboard where you can quickly view all essential data, such as sales, revenue, and the demographics of your customers.

You also have complete control of how you sell tickets. For example, our platform is 100% customisable. You can brand the sales pages with your company identity to give your attendees a seamless experience.

Our platform is suitable for all types of events. Clients across the UK have used Seatedly to sell tickets to:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Trade shows
  • Fundraising events

After you create an event and start selling tickets, you can view up-to-date sales data from the dashboard. You also retain ownership of the data, allowing you to review metrics to tweak your marketing campaigns.

Why Do You Need an Online Ticketing System?

If you currently rely on physical ticket sales, switching to an online platform should save time and help you sell more tickets. Using an online system allows you to sell tickets 24/7.

As the platform handles everything, your staff spends less time dealing with ticket sales and reservations. This frees up resources that you can use for other tasks, such as marketing your event. 

Using an online ticket platform also provides more insight into your sales. You can easily track the number of tickets sold, vacant seats, and other helpful metrics. However, you need to choose the right platform to enjoy these advantages.

With Seatedly, you receive access to a reliable system for handling all your ticket sales. Here is a quick look at some of the highlights of our platform:

  • More options for ticket types
  • Interactive seat mapping and reservations
  • Streamlined interface with simple account creation
  • E-ticket and physical ticket options
  • Safe and secure transactions 
  • Superior ticket and event management features

You will not find another platform that delivers better value. Our combination of low fees and a robust platform with versatile features helps you fill more seats at your next event.

Giving Customers More Options Helps Sell More Tickets

Seatedly allows you to give customers more options when buying tickets. For example, we offer interactive seat mapping and reservation features.

With interactive seat mapping, customers can quickly select the seats based on their preferences and availability. Our intuitive system includes a seat picker tool and allows customers to zoom in on selected areas to choose the exact seat that matches their needs.

Our interactive seat mapping also includes a “best available” function, unavailable on other platforms. Customers can easily find the best available seats with a single click of a button. Our system instantly finds available seats for a specific price point or type of ticket. Customers can then check how much closer they can get to the front row by paying a little extra. 

Our system also includes innovative seating solutions. We use an industry-leading algorithm to decrease empty seats and maximise profits. Along with helping to limit empty seats between bookings, our algorithm can be tweaked to comply with COVID restrictions, such as restricting seating capacity.

With just a few changes to the algorithm, we can ensure that seats are booked to maintain a safe distance between attendees. As no one can predict the future, our system provides a futureproof solution for dealing with any subsequent COVID restrictions that arise. 

Our system also supports multiple ticket types. Whether you need to sell single-day or multi-day tickets, we have you covered. You can also sell group tickets, VIP tickets, or a combination of ticket types, such as a single-day ticket with a VIP pass.

Other options for selling more tickets include voucher codes and promotions. Offering coupon codes at checkout and running special offers helps you make more from each event and build a more substantial customer base. 

With Seatedly, you can assign coupon codes for individual events or run them for a set amount of time. You can also set a percentage discount or a monetary discount, giving you more flexibility.

Streamlined Interface for a Better Customer Experience

Anyone can buy tickets on Seatedly. Our system is fully optimised for use on mobile devices. Whether customers shop for tickets on their phones, tablets, laptops, or PCs, they can easily browse your ticket sales page and book seats.

The entire platform undergoes rigorous user experience (UX) testing. We have fine-tuned our interface to provide the best customer experience possible. You can even add our platform to an existing website using our iframe software. We make it easy to embed an iframe on a website, allowing you to add a ticketing solution to any existing web page.

Other highlights of our interface include:

  • Basket feature
  • Simple account creation
  • Social sign in
  • Automated e-tickets

As well as individual ticket sales, customers can shop for the additional merchandise that you wish to sell. Seatedly includes a basket feature, allowing you to upsell other merchandise for your events. For example, you could sell T-shirts, posters, and other items to maximise your profits.

Our robust system is designed to handle thousands of e-commerce transactions each second. You can build a more extensive fanbase by upselling relevant products without using a separate e-commerce platform.

Thanks to our simple account creation process that includes the option to create an account using a social sign-in, customers can quickly buy tickets to your next event. After completing a purchase, an electronic ticket (e-ticket) can automatically be sent to the customer’s email address. 

Enjoy Safe and Secure Transactions for All Ticket Sales

All transactions are entirely secure. We use the latest payment technologies to ensure that you and your clients’ personal information remain private. Here are several of the features of our payment solution.

  • SSL 3D payments with Stripe integration
  • Session timeout management
  • Safe and secure personal information

The Seatedly platform is cloud-based and runs on high-performance servers. We use multiple backups and superfast caching features, which ensures 99.99% server uptime. You gain peace of mind knowing that your ticket platform is always running 24/7. 

As our system is entirely cloud-based, you do not need to host any software to use our platform. You plug into our cloud and allow us to take care of maintaining the system and keeping things running. This frees up your team to focus on other things, such as promoting and planning the event.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Check-in Process

As mentioned, our system allows you to offer e-tickets and/or printed tickets. However, our platform goes further to simplify the check-in process. We offer a QR scanning feature with a mobile app for quickly scanning printed or electronic tickets. 

After scanning a ticket, the attendee is automatically checked in on our database. This ensures people cannot attempt to use the same ticket twice, which helps decrease the risk of ticket fraud. 

Scanning tickets also allows you to check guests in faster. You spend less time checking tickets and enable your staff to minimise close contact.

Receive Access to Ticket Order Management Features and Analytics

Some of the main advantages of our online platform include the management and analytics features. You can get an overview of the sales for each event with real-time data from your analytics dashboard. 

Our system also simplifies how you deal with ticket order management. Allow our platform to handle cancelled orders, stock management, and other details. For example, you can set the system to automatically increase the price of tickets by a fixed amount after a certain percentage of the seats are sold. 

The Seatedly platform is also entirely scalable. Whether you need to sell a few hundred tickets or millions, we can support your needs. 

These are just a few of the reasons to use Seatedly as your online ticketing system solution. Our comprehensive range of features and streamlined interface makes us the preferred ticketing solution in the UK. Get in touch with us today to create an account and start selling tickets to your next event.

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