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The Champions League: The Gold Standard of Sports Event Management

You’ve almost certainly heard of the football competition The UEFA Champions League. If not, we’ll give you a quick rundown on it. Most commonly known as the European Cup, it has been going on since 1995. 

In its current form, top teams from Europe battle it out, first in group stages and later on in a knockout style, culminating in the largest live sporting event in the world for the last few years, The Champions League final. At the date of writing, the 2012 – 2013 final was the most watched live sporting event ever with a global viewership of around 360 million people!

To get a sporting event to that size requires a pretty perfect storm of high level competition, spot on long term marketing (with merchandise and branding), good ticketing software and of course, swift and secure access to the venue for fans, keeping staff, athletes and the crowd safe. A great deal of this is down to event management, but event management is essential for events of all sizes, big and small.

Of course, by definition, no other sporting event is as large as the UCL final, but there are certainly events to rival it, and those also need great ticketing and live sports event management. The annual NFL final, The Super Bowl, attracts a close second in terms of viewership and continuing on down the list of viewership opens up a world of different sports live events, all of which also benefit from great event management.

Now it goes without saying, there are a wide range of different sporting events and governing bodies for them, though they share some common features with each other, in terms of how they are created and organised.

Planning a Live Sporting Event

First, no event can take place without people knowing about it, so it needs to be marketed. Doing this properly is imperative to the success of an event and getting it right requires quick, accurate analytics to see what campaigns are working and what is missing the mark!

Now that people want to go, they need a reliable, stable platform to buy tickets from – it is a business, after all. Seatedly provides a full ticketing solution for sporting events, but we can also handle a lot of the other stuff too, at Seatedly, we provide sports event management as part of our ticketing platform package. 

Seatedly’s event management includes analytics for marketing, merchandise sales and a state of the art ticket order management system. We go beyond those though, and our ticketing solutions also take care of the next stage for a live event, which is the build up to and the day itself.

Seatedly can sell merchandise, an important element of live sporting events in terms of marketing. Furthermore our ticketing solution also includes easy to use scanning software for access control, cloud-based hosting for that software and our own custom seating software with a number of features.

So, what are these things and why are they so important? 

Well, we started with a couple of examples of huge live sports events to paint a big picture.  At some point in their lives, most people have seen a packed stadium, filled with fans, celebrities and the media. 

The idea that certain leagues or teams are also well known is part of successful branding and merchandising – those Yankee logo baseball caps seem to make a resurgence in the world of fashion every other year! But we digress. The point we’re making is that to organise a live sports event takes a huge amount of…organisation!  

With so much to be thinking about and doing, Seatedly believes the ticketing software you choose for your event should do more than just ticketing. That’s why we decided to integrate a number of sports event management features into our platform as standard. It means our clients can focus on their event and their customers needs, leaving us to take care of a load of the extras.

What’s included with this sports event management?


Let’s start with the main purpose of our business – the ticketing software.

Seatedly is a full ticketing solution, and we mean full. Whether you want paper tickets for your event or e-tickets, or both, we offer a platform which delivers reliability and flexibility to our clients.

Both e-tickets and paper tickets generate a unique barcode, which is scanned on entry to the venue. Our software is cloud-based, giving it two advantages. The first is in scanning. Cloud-based software makes it accessible from most smart devices, meaning there’s no extra costs for unique scanning equipment. Secondly, cloud-based software means the moment a barcode is scanned, the database is updated, so the ticket cannot be used as a duplicate at an alternative entry point.

All tickets can be customised with your branding, imagery or design, allowing for consistent brand recognition.

With our ticket management system, Seatedly’s ticketing platform lightens the load for your customer services team. Placing an order for a ticket automatically generates a customer account. From their accounts page a customer can cancel their order (if applicable) and edit their details.

All tickets can be priced dynamically, allowing for a customisable remaining percentage of available tickets to be sold at a discount or a price increase. This runs alongside our totally custom bookings fees, which are all set by our clients, who keep 100% of them.

As is standard for modern ticketing solutions, Seatedly incorporates the ability to set vouchers or ongoing promotions, with multiple different ticket types available, too. Choose from any or all of single event tickets, season tickets, VIP tickets, day passes or any other type of ticket you wish to offer.

Marketing & Reports

As part of our sporting events management, included as standard with any of our plans, Seatedly provides in-depth analysis. We spoke earlier about how important market research is to strategy and campaigns. Our analytical software comes with different metrics as standard, allowing your team to see real-time information on sales, revenue, demographics and more. 

We allow for the creation of a customisable promotor account. This information allows them to make informed decisions when conducting a marketing campaign, leading to high conversion rates.

If your event experiences a sudden surge in ticket sales, our servers are built to handle large volumes of traffic at once, meaning your successful marketing campaign won’t crash our platform!


Merchandise is a key component of a live event. Merchandising generates important revenue for the teams and the event organisers, but it also is an important part of the crowd experience. Merchandise also offers an extremely good source of free marketing, with potentially hundreds of people willing to sport your branding in their daily lives, generating incredible brand awareness.

Seatedly offers merchandise sales as standard with our ticketing platform, so you can give fans the opportunity to show their support for the event and the athletes competing.

Customer Experience

Customers browsing for tickets have a number of different features available to enhance their own experience. Another core component of successful event management is to keep customer experience consistently high throughout the entire event for them. This starts at the point of sale.

Our best available feature shows customers the best available venue seats, encouraging an upsell. This is all possible thanks to our programmable seating software. An accurate map displays the venue layout and customers can zoom in on areas, choosing exact seating.

A key part of recent events management is the ability to comply with Covid-19 restrictions in the local area. Each venue can be individually programmed into Seatedly’s platform to ensure only Covid-secure seats are available to purchase.

Loss Reduction

Our sports event management also includes a bespoke algorithm. Tailored to your exact venue, it minimises individual spaces in between group bookings, reducing loss. To aid in loss reduction, our system allows customers a period of time where tickets in their cart are reserved for them, allowing them to check out at a reasonable pace! Should those purchases not be completed within the timeframe set, however, our system will automatically set those tickets as available to purchase again.

More than just a ticketing platform

Sports event management is a crucial part of running a successful sporting event. That’s because there’s so many things to consider when putting on a show.

Unfortunately Seatedly can’t reduce the amount of things that need to be done. What we DO do though, is incorporate some of them into our ticketing platform, so that they are taken care of.

To find out more about how Seatedly can provide real-time analytics, merchandising, ticket validation and how we can reduce your customer service team’s workload, get in touch today.

While you’re chatting to one of our team, be sure to check out some other of our great features, like how to set up custom bookings fees, which you keep 100% of.

Remember, Seatedly is more than just an awesome ticketing platform, we offer a great deal of sports event management aspects as part of our ticketing solution.

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