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Smart Seating: Seatedly’s tool to creating socially distanced events.

Discover Seatedly’s new Smart Seating tool and how it can help you to monitise your events alongside the latest Covid-19 regulations.

Smart Seating

With the effects of Covid-19 changing the way society will be for the foreseeable future, there is an unprecedented need for a new and safer way for people to attend events.

Events are the fulcrum of society, providing much needed time away from your 9-5 daily life. Fear has developed that events will be postponed until Covid-19 cases are gone, but the team here at Seatedly couldn’t wait until then. Our team of expert developers have taken it upon themselves to develop a brand new interactive seating map with customer safety at the forefront every step of the way.

We do not want to hurry everyone back into crowded spaces in such uncertain times, but we feel that there is a safe and easy way to ensure events can go ahead. 

Our new smart seating system was recently introduced as part of our pro package; it enables sports and entertainment venues selling event tickets to offer socially distanced seating with reduced capacity during the pandemic.

We’ve developed an algorithm that uses variables such as the venue capacity, distance between seats and the legal number of attendees that stadiums/venues are allowed to hold. The system then builds a custom seat map for your venue, allowing you host events that adhere to the new Covid-19 guidelines. 

Seatedly’s priority is to provide the tools for you to continue to monetise your events as we understand the devastation closed doors can bring to a business.

Interactive Seat Mapping & Reservation

The new smart seating function, as mentioned before, is included in our Pro Package and works in tandem with our Interactive Seat Mapping & Reservation tool. 

Our Interactive Seat Mapping software offers customers a visual representation of the layout of your venue. When choosing tickets, this innovative software allows people to scroll through and zoom into specific blocks & seats. 

By doing so, customers have accurate visual information about the seats they are buying. This innovative software has proven to maximise sales as it allows people to see the benefit of upgrading to better seats.

Interactive seat map of stadium

In addition to what we’ve already discussed, our smart seating system offers another benefit that we didn’t foresee. 

Following the industry’s new obligation to hold socially distanced events, our interactive seat mapping and reservation software mean customers can now feel at ease when booking tickets. As mentioned, our software is interactive because it allows customers to zoom in to and scroll through specific blocks/seats. 

Using this tool alongside our Smart Seating software means customers can buy tickets to any event with ease, knowing they will be socially distanced from others and still have the best seats available in the house. 

Why we use E-Tickets

The E-Ticketing System we use across all of the venues we work with relies on secure QR scanning. 

Our head of development here at Seatedly has taken part in numerous conversations during the last few months to discuss how events will proceed in the future and how our tool can reduce the risks of Covid-19. 

Seatedly provides a Full E-Ticketing solution to all of those who use Seatedly for their events. 

Our E-Ticketing system means you can safely run events during the pandemic by cutting out the need for contact between staff and customers. When a customer purchases a ticket, they will receive an email confirmation of the purchase with their unique E-Ticket attached. 

The E-Tickets customers receive provide a safer alternative to paper tickets, cutting down on person-to-person contact and allowing customers to pass through the entry gates quicker. All in all, they’ll be able to social distance instead of queuing for prolonged periods.

How E-Tickets works

We have worked vigorously to ensure customer safety for future events. The team of developers at here at Seatedly have worked together to streamline the booking in process. With our E-Ticketing tool, all customers need to do is present their E-Ticket upon arrival, be scanned in and then they can head straight to their seat. 

It couldn’t be more simple. 

E-Ticket being scanned

However, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile. 

Once the ticket has been scanned and verified as valid, the individual will be marked as ‘checked in’ on the database immediately. This means the check-in process can now act as a track and trace system, with all information available via our in-depth reporting dashboard.

Without the need for customers to fill out any additional forms, staff numbers can be reduced, and unnecessary contact time can be minimised. 

Venue officials can also see, in real-time, when they have reached capacity and ensure the safety of attendees.

Controlling your Venue

People are understandably excited to return to watch their favourite artists, teams, plays and more.

However, it is paramount to ensure that venues are not breaking Covid-19 regulations. The coming year will see us all working with reduced crowds and at reduced capacity events. The robust dashboard you have access to when using Seatedly means you have two options when setting the number of tickets available for your event.

Option 1: Setting a cap on the total number of available tickets.

Option 2: Excluding blocks/seats you do not want on sale.

There are pros to using both options. 

Option 1 allows you to ensure you will never breach government guidelines in terms of the number of attendees allowed at one event. 

Option 2 also allows this. However, you can also exclude blocks/seats close to each other to ensure customer safety by enforcing social distancing. 

We’d recommend using both together. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Our tip (venue permitting) is to set a capped number of tickets available to go on sale but then to also exclude every other row or block to maintain the correct distance between attendees. 

Not only does our system allow you to continue to monetise your events in these uncertain times, but it also enables your venue to comply with the new Covid-19 regulations. 

Football stadiums are due to reopen from October 3, three weeks after the first round of games in the 2020/21 campaign. But, it is reported that reopening will see a one-metre social distancing rule in place for fans. 

Seatedly allows you to sell tickets for seats one metre apart with the click of a button, all it takes is the exclusion of a row of seats. 

Furthermore, with the return of fans to both racing and rugby in the coming weeks for ‘test’ games, we are bound to see changes in the rules following the results of those tests. 

That’s why at Seatedly, we find it best always to keep our software flexible and scalable for vendors to ensure they can continue to monetise and grow their ticketing ecosystem.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you going forward.

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