Rugby ticketing software

Rugby Ticketing Software

According to World Rugby, 2017 was the year that saw the biggest increase in rugby participation worldwide, ever. They report that over 9.1 million people now play the sport at some level. A quarter of that number are women and girls and its popularity is exploding in some rather surprising countries. 

The three largest growing markets are China, Columbia and Belgium. Countries that would never have been associated with the game a decade ago. 

The growing appeal of rugby is driving the industry forward and this isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

Perhaps the biggest telltale sign that its growing popularity is only just getting started is the successful launch of Major League Rugby (MLR) in North America in 2018. The league is only in its second ever season at the moment and consists of just 9 teams. But the 2020 season it’s set to see another 4 teams join, an increase of almost 45% in just one year. 

45% more rugby teams competing in a league based in one of the most lucrative markets in the world. That says everything about the future of this sport.

Of course, countries like England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, France, Japan and Italy already have well-established teams, leagues and stadiums. Rugby Sevens is played at the Olympics and, as a result of this exposure, the Rugby World Cup is now the third largest sporting event in the world (behind the Olympics themselves and football).

So, it’s an established sport but has plenty of scope to grow. Some might say that’s an attractive proposition from a business standpoint. 

An Increased Demand in Ticket Sales

The Rugby World Cup is being held in Japan this year and already there has been an unprecedented demand for tickets. There have been over 2.5 million applications for tickets submitted. 

If this year-on-year demand keeps increasing, event organisers are going to have to consider the most efficient way of getting tickets into the hands of the fans. 

That’s where our rugby ticketing software comes in. 

We specialise in event ticketing software systems for a multitude of industries. But we’ve identified rugby as a sport that can benefit greatly. 

As I’ve already said, rugby is in a unique position of being well established with great brand recognition but at the same time is poised to grow exponentially. 

Now is a great time to modernise your online sales infrastructure.

The Benefits Of Our Rugby Ticketing Software

There is an extensive list of benefits and features of our rugby ticketing software. But, in this article, I’ll outline the most relevant and important ones. 

Interactive Seat Mapping & Reservation

Our rugby ticketing software allows customers to virtually navigate around a rugby stadium before purchasing tickets. They can zoom in on different sections and specific seats to get more info. Things like price, availability and even the view of the pitch can be displayed.

Interactive seat map displaying different ticket types feature

Your customers will always be sure of exactly what they are purchasing and where they’ll be sitting so there are no nasty surprises on game-day. 

Fully Responsive and Mobile Optimised

The platform has been designed to work on all devices. Everything you can do on the desktop version can also be done on the mobile version. 

Mobile optimised example of Seatedly

Apart from it just being convenient, having a mobile optimised version of the platform means you can quite literally get your tickets into people’s hands at any time. 

Low ticket price items such as rugby tickets have a high rate of impulse purchases. So having a platform that works great on mobile devices means people can act upon impulse when it strikes, whether that’s sitting on a bus, train or in a doctor’s waiting room. 

Ticket/QR Scanning

Each ticket has its own unique QR code. On game-day when the crowds arrive, tickets can easily be scanned by staff members using any internet connected smart device. 

This simple system means you won’t need to invest in dedicated ticket scanning hardware saving you even more money and time when it comes to training staff members. 

The process is quick and easy. Once a ticket is scanned, the database is checked and if the ticket is valid a message will be returned stating that. Getting customers to their seats as fast as possible is the goal.

Platform Transition Service

If you already use a rugby ticketing software package, we offer a transition service at no extra cost to you. Our team will ensure that you suffer no downtime and that the transition goes smoothly. 

We can integrate our system with an existing website on any domain or subdomain. Alternatively, we can set you up with a brand new front-end website which is optimised for sales and positive user experience. 

Unique Pricing Structure

Perhaps the standout feature of our rugby ticketing software is the way it’s priced. 

Traditionally, ticketing platforms take a large percentage of every ticket sold as their fee. We don’t do that.

Our fees are the lowest in the industry, well below our competitors.

Setting your own custom booking fees is also a great way of increasing revenue. All without increasing the ticket price. 

Any booking fees you set over and above the fee we collect, will be yours to keep.

The Seatedly Rugby Ticketing Software – Book A Demo Today

Looking for an industry-leading rugby ticketing software solution? Then get in touch with the Seatedly team today using the contact details at the bottom of the page. 

If you’d like access to our demo site where you can see all of the platform’s features in action, you can request a demo here.

We take our relationship with clients seriously and are committed to working with you to ensure you’re on the right path to success. We can accommodate almost any request. So no matter what you have in mind, get in touch and let us know. 

The team is looking forward to hearing from you.

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