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Introducing Seatedly’s New Merchandising Shop

With Seatedly’s new merchandise shop feature, you can sell event tickets and merchandise from one easy platform. 

Events and merchandise go hand in hand. Most of us have event merch lying around: a t-shirt from a favourite band, a mug from a conference, or a jersey from a local sports team. Merchandise creates a relationship with event-goers that lasts long past the event.  

With our online merchandising shop, you don’t have to limit yourself to only selling merchandise during an event. Seatedly helps you sell event tickets and merchandise in one convenient place. 

You can keep track of your online ticket and merchandise sales on one platform. And it’s easier for attendees too; they can grab their tickets and their merch all at the same time. With our new shop feature, Seatedly offers a one-stop online platform for event tickets and merchandise.

Why sell merchandise online with Seatedly’s merchandising shop?

Selling merchandise online increases revenue. 

Merchandise is a major source of income for many events. When attendees go to an exciting event, they want to take home a memento to remember it by. Selling merchandise during an event has its perks. But with an online merchandise shop, you can extend these perks past the live event.  

When you sell merchandise online, you increase your selling window. In-person sales can only happen during an event. This gives you a rather small window to sell your products. When you add an online merchandising shop, event attendees have the chance to shop anytime and anywhere. There are no long line-ups or time limits, which are two factors that can stop attendees from purchasing. Giving attendees this flexibility and increased availability means more merchandise sales for your event. 

Seatedly’s merchandise shop feature makes merch easy to find. Attendees see ticket sales and the merch shop all in the same browser window. This means no wandering around looking for a merchandise booth at the event. If they have their eye on a product, they can get it online in a matter of minutes.  

When buying merchandise is as easy as a couple of clicks, attendees are more likely to buy products. There’s nothing more frustrating than missing part of an event to wait in a long merch queue. Many attendees may see a queue and skip on buying merch altogether. An online shop takes away this barrier. When buying merch is this easy, more attendees are likely to see the product they love and grab it right away. 

Seatedly Merchandising shop
Seatedly’s New Merchandise Shop – Mobile View

Engage with event attendees before and after the event

An online merchandising shop creates buzz before the event. With ticketing and merchandising in the same browser window, many customers will explore the shopping options. Attendees might choose to buy merch to wear for the event. It’s a great way to drum up excitement and form relationships with event-goers before the event has even started. 

An online shop also allows you to keep selling merchandise after an event is over. If attendees missed their chance to grab merch at the event, they can hop online instead. Every merchandise sale is a chance to increase brand awareness and encourage attendees to come to future events.

Connect with event attendees on a new level

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a huge toll on the event industry. With many live events postponed, we’ve had to find new ways to connect online. But just because live events are off doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this potentially lucrative revenue stream.

Seatedly’s new merchandising shop feature is another way to connect with event attendees. It allows event promoters to continue to make sales during the absence of live events. It also means fans and community members can support the events that they love.  

When it comes to online events, an online shop is a way to engage with your attendees. Merchandise provides a connection to a virtual event. It’s a tangible product that brings a part of the event to your attendees. 

Streamline the merchandise planning and shopping process

Online merchandise sales are easier for you and your event attendees. For your attendees, online shopping means no long lines, no digging for their wallet, and no need to carry a bunch of merch around the event. They will also have more time to browse when visiting an online shop.  

An online merchandise shop is easy to manage for event planners too. You’ll have a more accurate idea of inventory and you can restock items that are running low. It gives you a good idea of which items are hits and which are misses. This data helps you maximise your sales for future events. 

Anyone can purchase merchandise online

Anyone can purchase from an online merchandise shop. It’s not only restricted to those who attend the event. This opens the door for a wider range of customers. It means those who are unable to attend as well as country-wide or international fans can to support your event. 

Merchandise also makes a great gift. An online merchandise shop means that friends and family can buy merch for Christmas, birthday, and holiday gifts. With an online setup, you can sell products year-round, rather than just on the event day. 

With Seatedly, selling event merchandise online is simple.

Our merchandising shop feature is an exciting new option as part of our complete event ticketing software.  

With Seatedly, you have full control of your ticketing ecosystem. We offer the most cost-effective complete ticketing solution on the market. Our transparent pricing structure gives you full control over your revenue. With our basic plan, we only take a small commission for each ticket sold. 

Our platform is 100% white label and is fully customisable. You can rebrand our platform to match your company branding and identity. Our software is flexible and scalable for events of any type and size, including virtual events. Seatedly helps you sell event tickets and merchandise from one straightforward platform.  

Get in touch or book a demo today to learn more about how Seatedly can help with your event. 

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