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Looking For Performing Arts Ticketing Software? 7 Reasons To Choose Seatedly

We’ll cut straight to the chase: Seatedly clients make an average of 7% more revenue per ticket, compared to working with our competitors. It’s a statistic we’re proud of, but there’s a whole load of things to look for when choosing a ticketing system for your live event.

Now that the world is beginning to open up again after a tough 18 months for the live entertainment industry, it’s more important than ever to maximise the user experience of your customers when they purchase a ticket to your event. It’s also absolutely crucial to have a system that can be relied upon. This means solid server uptime, plenty of customisable options for the events sales and marketing team, and a package which can be scaled whilst keeping the performance level consistent.

There are alot of different solutions to choose from when it comes to performing arts ticketing software. Whilst there are some key features which are standard across the industry, it’s clear not all of the ticketing software is created equally. Who to choose often comes down to how well various features are implemented, the quality of the user experience and how well it can be scaled up for future, larger events.

Some ticketing solutions offer extremely competitive pricing, but often that pricing will come at the expense of customer support, bugged features, or simply may not be scalable.

Obviously, it’s important to choose a ticketing system that is within your budget, but there’s loads of reasons we think Seatedly offers the best choice when it comes to performing arts ticketing software. We don’t have time to list them all, but if you fancy reading them yourself you can find our full features list here.

Instead, if you’re pushed for time, here are 7 of the (next) best reasons to choose Seatedly as your performing arts ticketing software.

1. ECONOMICS: Custom Pricing & Keep 100% of Booking Fees!

We already mentioned the 7% extra revenue per ticket, and a lot of that comes down to the flexibility our clients have in pricing their events.

Seatedly has a fully customisable ticket pricing system, allowing you to set the pricing as precisely as possible for each event. With Seatedly, it’s possible to set the price of different seats around the auditorium all individually, allowing you to charge users for a more luxurious experience. What’s more, it’s even possible to set a price increase when a certain percentage of available tickets have been sold. This allows you to capitalise on an event’s popularity, in a world where marketing goes viral.

This by itself isn’t super revolutionary, but we wanted to show just how customisable the pricing options within Seatedly are. What’s more unique to us, is the ability to set your own bookings fees AND keep 100% of whatever it is you choose to charge.

Venues all have different running costs, meaning sometimes booking fees can go up or down, to reflect those differences. With Seatedly, you can choose the booking fee you charge for each event. We don’t take any of it, it’s all yours, to allocate however you see fit for the event you’re putting on. That’s something you don’t see too often!

2. SEATING: Interactive Seat Map & “Best Available” feature.

The interactive seat map is another feature which is found in many of the market leaders for online events ticketing software, but as we mentioned, it’s how these features are implemented for reliability and user experience which distinguishes the top performers in a competitive marketplace.

At Seatedly, we are pleased to offer a fully interactive, customisable seat map. With this, each venue can be mapped out accurately, allowing users to make a fully informed choice on where they enjoy the show from. Users can zoom in on blocks of seating and check the layout of any pillars or potential obstructions to their view. 

A customisable and interactive seat map is a great way to reduce the potential for a poor audience experience on the night, but we pair it with our “Best Available” feature to ensure a great experience. Best Available allows customers to see the best available seats and their price, at the touch of a button. Built to quickly and easily encourage an upsell, it shows customers the extras they could have, by spending a little more.

3. RELIABILITY & SECURITY: Cloud based platform, high performance servers & SSL encryption.

A cloud based platform is increasingly becoming the standard for quick, easy custom apps. As you might have guessed, Seatedly is one of those cloud based apps. It does not require any software to be installed on your local machine or servers, instead, you connect to it on our servers, using the cloud. This means we are able to maintain the system and keep it running smoothly 24/7, without having to come to you, or talk you through complicated troubleshooting procedures. It also produces a system which is scalable throughout, handling large scale events smoothly.

Furthermore, our high performance servers boast an uptime of 99.99% and come with built in surge protection. In the modern world, social media marketing can have a more immediate impact than traditional marketing could ever have done.. This can be great for your business. The right influencer or celebrity endorsing your event can lead to a dramatic spike in traffic to your website. WIth this in mind, our servers are built to handle large increases in traffic, however sudden.

On top of that, we keep your data and information safe. All sensitive data and payments are encrypted with industry leading SSL technology.

4. LOSS PREVENTION: Industry leading Smart Seating Algorithm.

We’ve already spoken about our seating maps and upsell features, which work to improve customer experience. Smart Seating works for our clients, using a state of the art algorithm to ensure no gaps are left between different booked parties in each unique venue layout.

Furthermore, Smart Seating can also be used to help keep your team, venue staff and customers safe in these unprecedented times. Our performing arts ticketing software is fully customisable to each event, smart seating can be used to keep your venue Covid compliant, ensuring seats are spaced at intervals  which conform to local government guidelines, wherever the event takes place. 

If guidance in the local area should change, you can always update the Smart Seating to reflect any changes.

5. PURCHASE AND SUPPORT: Ticket Order Management & Reservation Timeout.

The system at Seatedly offers convenience to the customer throughout their experience, from browsing, to purchase. Starting with the browsing and purchase experience, customers’ seats will automatically be reserved for a predetermined period of time once they put them in their shopping cart. 

Reservation timeout gives customers time to confirm their seats and checkout in an orderly fashion, without having to rush through the process to secure tickets to a popular event. Don’t worry though, should the customer not complete the purchase, after a set amount of time the tickets will be released back and become available to purchase, meaning our clients don’t suffer loss from any abandoned carts.

Once tickets have been purchased, customers can manage their booking on their “Account” page. They can edit their details or request a refund, freeing up time for your customer service team.

6. TICKETING: A full solution.

As you might have figured out,, Seatedly is a full performing arts ticketing solution. We encourage the use of e-tickets wherever possible, to reduce carbon footprint, but we offer printed tickets as well, ensuring every event is catered for.

Our E-ticket system generates secure barcodes, making it virtually impossible to counterfeit tickets. Gate staff can log into our cloud platform on almost any smart device, meaning they can scan tickets without the need for separate equipment.

It’s also possible to set up promotional offers and voucher codes to reduce the price of tickets with a discount decided by you.

7. FLEXIBILITY: Fully integratable, iFrame and a Platform Transition Service.

We’re able to build a website around our performing arts ticketing software, but we also know you may already have a website, ticketing platform or your own payment processing software.

If you already have a website, our iFrame option enables you to drop our interface straight onto your existing webpage, ensuring a seamless transition to using our ticketing system. To help this happen, our team has invested heavily in a platform transfer service as well, meaning your customers will experience no downtime.

Our credit and debit card payment system of choice is Stripe, but if you already have one you use, again, Seatedly allows you to integrate your payment system if you’d prefer.

However you want to, we’ve made using Seatedly as your ticketing solution as seamless and easy as possible.

Wrapping Up.

We spoke in the beginning about features of performing arts ticketing software needing to be reliable, well implemented and scalable, and we hope we’ve shown you why Seatedly ticks all those boxes.
We’ve also got our more unique features as well, like Smart Seating and Best Available. All those are hosted on high-performance servers, accessed through the cloud. With secure payments and data encryption, a fully integrative platform and the 7% more revenue per ticket our customers earn, get in touch to find out how much we could do for your ticketing solution.

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