Our Football Ticketing System: How It Works

Football or soccer? Whatever you call it, there’s one thing that doesn’t change, and that’s the fans. You need a solid football ticketing system in place to ensure that everybody who wants a ticket can get one.

There would be no such thing as professional football, or any professional sport for that matter, without the fans.

And making sure they can get their hands on tickets easily and at a reasonable price is an essential part of building a fanbase.

Football attendance is growing

While football is a well-established part of everyday life and culture in places like Europe and South America, it’s rapidly growing in popularity in some of the biggest markets in the world.

The likes of China, various countries in the Middle East and the USA are investing heavily in football (or soccer for our friends across the pond). They are tempting super-star names over to their domestic leagues with enormous salaries. As a result, the world’s most popular sport is doing something incredible, it’s becoming even more popular.

The fanbase is exploding.

Getting tickets into the fans’ hands has never been more important

Whether you’re based in a country where football is already a cornerstone of culture, or you’re in one of the sport’s emerging markets, it’s vital that fan access is as easy as possible.

While marketing, physical infrastructure, competitiveness and hype are all things that drive engagement from the public, without a seamless ticketing system the whole thing falls down.

That’s where we come in.

The Seatedly football ticketing system

We specialise in event ticketing systems. We have developed our own ticketing solution that handles everything from online sales and ticket issuance to game-day admission.

Our system is cloud-based and can be easily integrated with your existing website. We can also set it up as a new standalone site for you on either a subdomain or a brand new domain entirely.

The choice is yours.

Seatedly's homepage

One of our goals is to help you take back control of the ticketing process. We believe that you should be in total control of the sales environment.

By allowing third-party websites to sell your tickets, you are effectively building your business on rented land. Websites that you rely on can be taken down, change their search algorithm or simply terminate your account without any warning leaving you to start over again.

We want to help you own 100% of your operation.

Standout features

You can find a full list of features here, but below are some of the most important.

Interactive seat mapping

Our interactive seat map feature is a powerful way to let your customers virtually explore your stadium. They are able to navigate around the seating plan with just a few clicks and zoom into specific seats to get more detailed information.

Interactive seat map example showing best available feature

The seat map also comes with a “best available” feature. When selected, it will quickly highlight the best available seats in the stadium.

Support for multiple ticket types

Football clubs offer more than just one type of ticket. Individual game tickets, season passes, reduced mobility access, VIP packages and corporate hospitality to name just a few.

With our platform, you can easily set up as many different ticket types as you wish. The system will automatically issue the appropriate ticket and, upon being scanned while entering the stadium, will update the database accordingly.

QR and barcode scanning

It’s no good being able to issue multiple ticket types if they all have to be manually checked on game day.

QR Code

With our ticketing software, your staff members can quickly and easily scan people’s tickets. All they need is any smart device that has a camera and is logged into the system. They will be displayed a simple message indicating whether that ticket is valid or not.

When dealing with crowds of thousands in a short period of time, getting them to their seats quickly is a top priority.

Support for both e-tickets and printed tickets

A template is used to automatically generate tickets and can be designed in any way you like. You can add the event’s branding and/or include an advertisement space for future events, it’s totally up to you.

Based on the template, our system will then issue unique tickets which include the individual’s personal details and a unique QR code. These tickets can then either be used as an e-ticket or a physical printed version.

The issued tickets are ready to print and are compatible with industry standard ticket printing systems such as BOCA.

Advanced reporting dashboard

You need to be able to get an overview of what’s going on in regards to sales in order to evaluate past, present and future marketing campaigns.

That’s why we developed a reporting dashboard that paints a detailed picture of real-time sales figures.

Our in depth Reporting Dashboard

You are in charge of one of your most valuable assets, data.

Fully GDPR compliant

While we are on the subject of data, let’s talk about data protection.

Our football ticketing system is 100% GDPR compliant. That means your customers’ data is safe, secure and only gathered with their explicit consent.

The GDPR standard is one of the most stringent data protection laws. It’s why you need to ensure you are in full compliance anytime you deal with an individual’s personal data. Which, with our platform, you will be.

Set a custom booking fee per match

One of the most important aspects of our ticketing system is that we only charge you a minimal fee per ticket sold.

That means you are free to set your own booking fee of which you’ll keep 100% of.

Being able to keep any additional booking fees you decide to charge is a great way of increasing revenue without increasing ticket prices.

Cloud-based and hosted on high-performance servers

While you can use your own website as the front-end of the platform where customers purchase tickets, the back-end where the tickets are actually issued and where the database is stored is cloud-based.

This means you don’t have to invest in or maintain powerful servers that have high bandwidth capabilities. The back-end of the system is hosted in the cloud.

We run it using multiple backup servers all equipped with the latest hardware and traffic surge protection.

We guarantee a 99.99% uptime and blazing-fast performance.

A football ticketing system like no other

Normally in the world of sports event ticketing, it’s a trade-off between cost and features.

Not with our system.

You can get the latest high-performance features in a cost-effective package. We have helped numerous clients take back control of the ticketing process and we can help you too.

Whether you manage a football club, stadium or league, we have a package that shoulders the responsibility of putting tickets into your fans’ hands.

If you’d like to know more, get in touch today to talk to the team using the contact details below.

Or feel free to go right ahead and book a demo so you can see how our platform works for yourself.

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