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Event Management Software That Can Be Fully Customised To Meet Your Needs

Events are not new to mankind. Hosting lavish events and showcasing exquisite collectables represented royalty and wealth during the era of Emperors and Kings. The 20th century brought in a fresh approach to meetings and events. As things progressed, event management and planning turned into a promising profession. 

About 97% of senior executives believe that events deliver ROI. Regardless of their scale, events help nurture professional and personal relations, close deals and improve team collaboration. However, the COVID 19 pandemic has pushed the industry leaders to pivot tech enablement at the root level. 41.5% of executives are willing to pay up to $5000 for tech needed to organise events. It is no surprise that the event management software industry is expected to witness a 10% CAGR growth during 2021- 2026 as per IMARC

What Is Event Management Software?

At a functional level, event management software works as a project manager and manages various aspects of an event using technology. It can perform a simple task of ticket booking as well as more complex tasks like running analytics and generating reports of the event’s performance. 

At a deeper level, event management software enables event success by streamlining operations to offer a flawless event experience with multiple channel revenue, effective branding, networking and community engagement. 

Custom-built event management software is a step up and gives an edge to your business by providing a platform that focuses on user experience, company branding and ROI maximisation.

This article is all things event management and how custom event management software should be your next investment to scale your business.

Key Features Of Customised Event Management Software

The event management software industry is experiencing a development spike. 78% of the users looking to develop a custom event management software solution want to include features that help them organise events with ease. While spending on software is way more effective than spending on hiring staff to do individual activities, 79% of the seekers demand extensive support from the development companies. 

Here are the top features of a customised event management software that you should consider during the development process:

  1. Event Management: 

    Event registration: A dynamic registration form for securing a ticket along with registration for any sessions or meeting that requires a special pass. 

    Workflow management: A feature to track tasks, streamline internal and external communications to put things in place, etc.

    Budgeting: An efficient event management software keeps a check on the pre-decided budget, notifies the organisers in case the budget is being overshot and suggests alternative measures to keep everything on track.

    Calendar management: Sets up meetings and automatically updates the calendars for everyone involved.

    Travel management: With customised event management software you can entertain travel requests with just one click.
  1. Venue Management

    Check-in: Paperless and touchless scanning at the gates for a covid safe entry into the venue. 

    Attendee tracking: Maintain a record of everyone who attended to facilitate any follow-ups later including business emails and thank you emails.

    Venue selection: Multiple quotes on a single screen, helping you make an informed decision. 

    Room booking: The open API format enables easy integration with third-party hotel service providers to showcase their services and offerings. 
  1. Marketing and Branding

    White labelling: Customise the software with your logo, theme colours, branding and give your user a unique experience.

    Attendee engagement: Foster a sense of community amongst your attendees by introducing ice-breaking games and activities to make them feel comfortable.

    Real-time messaging: Share real-time information with multiple attendees easily directly from your dashboard.

    Live streaming: Sell tickets for live streaming virtual events. This allows event enthusiasts to attend events without having to be physically present, something which is essential in a post-covid world.

    Email campaigns: Easily send marketing and promotional emails to your target audience. 40% of marketers believe that emails are one of the most effective ways of promoting a new service or product. 

    Social media integration: Integrate social media and promote events. It also allows you to work with influencers and give real-time insights into the event for better reach.

    Sponsorship: Collaborate and work with sponsors. Give them a special space to showcase their offerings and brand themselves on your platform.
  1. Analytics

    Customised event management software helps you run real-time analytics with the data you gather from ticket sales and attendance figures. This will help you make informed decisions for future business growth and event promotions.
  1. Data Security

    If there’s one thing you can’t compromise on, it is data security. A customised event management platform helps to protect your clients’ data including financial information, personal information and business details by adding additional layers of protection.

    An efficient event management software system should be able to streamline event operations at the backend and frontend so that the organisers and attendees can focus on networking and business development. These features automate the whole event organising experience and help the business to gain insights and trends to strategise better in the future. 

5 Benefits Of Customised Event Management Software For Your Business

If you want to scale, you need to have software that is customised as per your business needs. Here is how an event management software that can be fully customised to your needs will benefit your business:

  1. Increased engagement

Custom event management software is a great way to engage audiences at all levels. Create a buzz before the event to garner publicity and, therefore, footfall. Keep your attendees engaged with intuitive games and icebreakers to generate business leads.

  1. Time-saving

Ready to edit templates, financial management and automated messages saves a lot of time on redundant tasks enabling you to focus on what matters.

  1. Reduced overall costs

The user-friendly dashboard and reporting allow the business to see real-time financial information and reduce overhead costs. The money saved can be used in other important areas such as marketing.

  1. Automated processes

The whole idea behind customised software is to gain autonomy from redundant tasks and to streamline processes. For instance, bills can be auto-generated and the accounts department notified in advance to raise invoices and collect payments.

  1. Highly targeted marketing

Dashboards and effective reporting help in sorting out the data which is most relevant to you. Using real-time analytics features, you can launch various targeted marketing campaigns to turn those prospects into a successful business.

Improved data collection and the use of analytics enables event organisers to achieve a positive ROI while giving the end-user (event attendee) a smooth experience. Customised event management software uses a holistic approach and integrates all the departments onto one platform.

Seatedly’s Approach To Building Customised Event Management Software

Seatedly is dedicated to offering a unique user experience through our world-class offerings. The white-label solution not only promotes the branding of your business but also addresses the exact needs of your business. 

Our 5 step approach is:

  1. Understand your business goals

As the first step, Seatedly’s team of experts work on preparing a business use case by having lengthy conversations with the key stakeholders in the business to understand the business model, expected growth, market trends and scale of business. This helps in chalking down key objectives and pillars around which the software needs to be built.

  1. Zero-in on budget

Once everything is reviewed, a proposal is developed and shared with you for feedback and approval before finalising the agreement. Once the budget is set, we move to the next step.

  1. Develop best product fit

After we get the go-ahead on the proposal, our team of developers and designers work in tandem with your business stakeholders to develop a product that best delivers on the current and future needs of the business. 

  1. Deploy 

Once the product is developed, the software is integrated with your business and your various departments are properly trained on how to use the software. 

  1. After-sales service

Seatedly understands how important it is to have a great user experience and our team of dedicated account managers and support staff are always available to help you with any technical issues that you may experience. 

Our team of experts walk every step of the way with you starting from preparing a use case to testing and deploying your new customised event management software.


Seatedly is the UK’s best ticketing platform, offering a complete event ticketing software solution customised to meet individual needs.  Seatedly’s product roadmap boasts top features that event managers are looking for to better organise local, national and international events. Our custom event booking software works at full throttle to manage, support and perform the essential tasks your business must excel at to be successful. Seatedly’s experienced team focuses on creating and delivering a user experience that’s a win-win for administrators, project managers, attendees and organisers. 

If you are looking for a custom-built solution,  write to us at or call at +442033763006.

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