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The Seatedly Cricket Ticketing Software

For lovers of batting sports, cricket is one of the most popular and entertaining games to watch and play. The sport’s popularity is growing and highlighting the need for tailor-made cricket ticketing software.

There are millions of cricket fans in countries around the world. Although a fair share of players and fans are from Europe, Australia and Asia, other continents around the world play the game including Africa, and the Americas.

Many people attend cricket games every year, and this teeming fanbase turns up in large numbers to watch the games live. Of course, ticketing software is needed to issue tickets and let the fans into the stadiums to watch and enjoy the game.

Cricket is played all over the world
Cricket is played all over the world.

Organisers need to have an effective method of crowd control and event management in place to ensure everyone in the stadium enjoys the game.

Using efficient cricket ticketing software can achieve this and more, simplifying the whole process. Before we dive into all the details of our software, let’s take a brief look at the history of cricket.

A brief history of cricket

From tiny villages to global stadiums, cricket is an incredible game filled with passion. It’s a game that unites players and fans around the world.

The game was first played during the 16th century in England where it became popular in schools.

By the 18th century, when nobility noticed that cricket was an excellent sport for both entertainment and betting, it gained even more popularity and the first set of laws governing cricket were written on a handkerchief in 1744. This handkerchief now resides in a museum in London.

During the first international competition, the Australian team took down the English team. The game took place in Melbourne and went on for five gruelling days.

Due to this long-standing rivalry between both country’s cricket teams, the two teams participate in an exclusive competition call the Ashes. They are fondly referred to as the Ashes because, to this day, the winner takes home the burnt remains of the wicket from this inaugural game.

The need for a robust cricket ticketing software package is obvious

Currently, the England cricket team are the game’s reigning world champions. Previous notable world champions include the West Indies and Sri Lankan teams.

Cricket continues to gain massive popularity.

In the year 2019 alone, the men’s Cricket World Cup recorded a total of 13.7 billion global viewing hours. These viewing figures absolutely smash the previous records for International Cricket Council events.

Why a robust cricket ticketing software is important

Without a robust system in place, if fans try to access the venue through different entry points it will result in nothing short of chaos and disorganisation. Members of staff wouldn’t know if a ticket had already been scanned at another point of entry.

All of this points to why it is essential to have a comprehensive and efficient means of selling tickets and authenticating them when it is time for fans to visit stadiums and watch their favourite teams play.

With the correct ticketing software in place, it will save the organisers a ton of time and resources. Time and resources that would have been wasted if ticketing was to be handled manually.

With the Seatedly ticketing software, you can issue tickets, scan them on game-day and generate detailed reports in an all-in-one package. 

Is there existing software for cricket ticketing?

There is an obvious and vital need for a reliable cricket ticketing software package.

Organisers of tournaments need to be able to issue tickets to fans who wish to watch the game they love. There are, however, currently no platforms providing this much-needed service specifically with cricket in mind.

The number of fans who follow this captivating sport continues to grow each year. We realised that by offering a fully-managed service where fans can register and receive their tickets in a matter of minutes would greatly ease the burden on tournament planners.

This is why we took the initiative and developed our platform.

About our cricket ticketing platform 

We have rolled out the following features that enable planners and organisers of sporting events to put an effective ticketing system in place. It frees you up to focus on other aspects of planning the tournament that require your expert attention. 

Most economical cricket ticketing software

Using our platform is the most economical way of selling tickets. Once our team has set you up with the platform, simply input the details of your cricket tournaments and add any other relevant information like seating plans, dates and prices, and we will handle everything else.

We charge a small fee on top of each ticket you sell. This small percentage of the sales from your tickets goes towards the maintenance and development of the platform. 

Custom booking fees

On top of the lowest-in-the-industry fee we collect on every ticket sold, you are free to set your own booking fee which you’ll be able to keep 100% of. It’s a great way to boost your revenue while still offering your guests value. 

Mobile first

The more mobile-friendly a platform is, the better it performs in the search results. Knowing this, we created a platform that operates seamlessly on mobile devices. It has a sleek user interface that is easy to master.

Mobile optimised version of Seatedly Software

No one likes a platform that is difficult to navigate or understand, so we made sure to provide an optimum user experience for cricket fans who come to the platform to buy tickets. Our platform looks great on mobile devices. This, along with a myriad of other powerful features, allows fans to purchase tickets conveniently wherever they are at any time. 

Get your hands on a free demo

Since this platform is among the first of its kind, we understand that you may have unanswered questions or doubts its ability to handle your cricket ticketing needs.

We give you the option to book a demo and get a first-hand feel for the platform. We feel it’s important to see what it’s capable of for yourself. Our team will help you explore the array of powerful features available and help you test some real-life simulations. 


It’s time to forget about outdated methods of cricket ticketing. Embrace the new, smarter and more cost-effective way to make cricket tickets available to fans of the game.

With our powerful software package, you will be able to sell tickets fast, more reliably and at a lower cost. You won’t find the same level of quality and service for less anywhere else.

You’ll also be able to capture and explore a wealth of sales data. Data that will help you figure out what’s working within your operation and what isn’t.

Take a bold step and step into the future with our smart, secure and customer-friendly cricket ticketing software. 

Sports stadium ticketing is what we do, so let us take care of it for you.

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