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A Revolutionary New Event Management System by Seatedly

An event management system provides an online solution for selling tickets and merchandise. You can also gather data to formulate your future marketing campaigns. However, if you have never used an online ticketing solution, you may not know where to start.

Use the following guide to learn how to use our event management system to sell more tickets and boost revenue in revolutionary new ways.

How to Manage an Event Using an Online Ticket Selling Platform

At Seatedly, you receive a comprehensive set of features for selling more tickets. Here are several of the steps involved in setting up an event and selling tickets through our online event management system:

  • Create and manage events using the events calendar
  • Set prices and manage ticket sales through the dashboard
  • Decide how you want to sell tickets (on your site via an iFrame integration or directly through our platform using a custom domain name)
  • Use coupon codes to attract more customers
  • Generate a seat map to allow customers to select their seats
  • Use ticket order management features to adjust prices
  • Review event analytics to improve your marketing campaigns

The first step involves creating and managing your events using our events calendar. You can enter the details of your event and start promoting it within a few minutes. However, you should also review the following steps to optimise your event and fill more seats.

Manage Ticket Sales and Merchandising with an Intuitive Dashboard

Seatedly is a cloud-based ticketing solution. It allows you to handle ticket sales and review analytics from a single dashboard anywhere in the world. Our system makes it easier to manage ticket sales, including managing sales for multiple events and venues. No matter how many events you run, you can set a different booking fee for each event.

You get to keep 100% of the booking fees you choose to set, allowing you to generate additional revenue. Customers are used to having a small booking fee added to the price of their tickets, so it is unlikely to deter them from making a purchase. Cost-plus pricing is the most common strategy for setting a booking fee. It involves dividing the amount of revenue you hope to make by the number of attendees you anticipate attracting.

You may also consider offering multiple ticket types to appeal to a wider range of customers. For example, our system supports single-day, multi-day, group, and VIP tickets. Offering multiple ticket types allows you to create multiple price points. This helps you fill more seats, as you provide options for every budget.

Simplifying The Checkout Process

If customers need to complete too many steps during the checkout process, they are more likely to leave items in their basket. Using Seatedly ensures that your customers receive a secure, simple solution for buying tickets and merchandise.

Typically, we use a secure basket with SSL 3D payments through Stripe. However, we can also integrate most payment processors to suit your specific needs.

Our system is entirely cloud-based and thoroughly tested to ensure that it delivers a reliable user experience (UX). The Seatedly platform is also fully optimised for mobile devices. It includes a responsive layout that adapts to work flawlessly on mobile devices, desktop computers, and laptops.

You can save customers from missing out on their selected seats when leaving their reservations in the checkout basket. Our system uses a session timeout management feature. The system automatically reserves seats for a set amount of time after a customer adds them to the basket, keeping others from buying the seats.

Yet, if the customer has not completed the checkout after the timer reaches zero, the seats become available again. This allows you to maintain the first-come-first-served approach without forcing customers to quickly checkout.

The Seatedly platform is streamlined to ensure that customers can easily browse your ticket options and merchandise and complete checkout. The design is fully customisable, so you can ensure it aligns with your brand image.

Along with selling tickets directly through our platform, you can sell tickets on an existing website. This option may appeal to those with websites that already receive significant traffic. Use our iFrame software to implement a ticketing solution on your site without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Attract More Visitors with Voucher Codes and Special Promotions

Offering voucher codes and running special promotions are useful strategies for attracting more interest and selling more tickets. With Seatedly, you gain complete control over how you want to use coupon codes. For example, you can run them for a specified timeframe, allocate a percentage discount, or set a monetary discount.

One of the most effective strategies is to run an early bird discount. Allow customers to save money by purchasing tickets in advance of your event. Early bird specials help drive sales early and build more word-of-mouth advertising. After the promotion ends, the prices return to normal.

Along with early bird discounts, you may offer discounts to latecomers. Applying a discount very close to the date of the event helps fill unsold seats. For example, you may significantly discount the seats on the day of the event. You may also run special promotions using outside marketing and advertising channels. This may include using social media ads and other pay-per-click (PPC) solutions.

After generating a coupon code, you can distribute it however you choose. You may distribute the coupon code by sending an email to users after they sign-up for a newsletter or visit a specific webpage after clicking on an ad.

Implement Seat Mapping and Other Features to Ensure Full Capacity

Seat mapping is another feature that you should take advantage of to sell more tickets. Customers enjoy having options, including being able to select their preferred seating area. People may prefer sitting in the front, middle, or rear.

As different seating may come with different prices, seat maps help customers choose the right seat based on their budget. Our interactive seat map also allows them to view and select the best seat instantly.

The “Best Available” function allows customers to quickly view the best seats with a click of a button. You can encourage customers to compare prices of different seat options to see how spending a little extra can get them a lot closer to the front.

We also give you access to “Smart Seating,” which relies on our industry-leading algorithm to optimise seat mapping. Our algorithm decreases the chances of empty seats, which ensures that you make more from each event.

Increase Your Revenue Using Ticket Order Management Features

Our ticket order management features save time, improve customer service, and help you increase your revenue. Customers can cancel orders or edit their contact information to ensure that they receive any updates that impact their attendance, such as a postponed event. However, one of the best features is the ability to automatically set prices based on remaining stock levels.

You can automatically decrease or increase the price of the remaining tickets after 90% of the tickets are sold, for example. These features eliminate the hassle of managing ticket sales, allowing you to focus on other areas of event management.

Review Analytics to Gain Insight for Your Future Marketing Campaigns

Using Seatedly as your event management system provides you with valuable insight. Your dashboard includes analytics and lets you view a wide range of metrics related to ticket sales and customer demographics. You can analyse the success or failure of each event to continually improve your marketing campaigns.

Reviewing data helps you better understand attendee behaviour and preferences. The metrics available on our platform may allow you to detect trends or patterns. You can view valuable data such as sales numbers to determine which days of the week and hours of the day people are most likely to purchase tickets. This information helps you determine when to run more advertisements to get a better return on your ad spending.

Event analytics may also uncover attendee preferences for venues, speakers, performers, and other details that help you plan future events. Reviewing analytics may also assist with your merchandising efforts. You can view which items sell the best and tweak your prices or ads accordingly.


If you want to sell more tickets to events, you need to set the right prices. Our system makes this easier by allowing you to create multiple ticket types, set custom booking fees, offer coupon codes, and automatically adjust prices based on remaining stock.

Using an online event management system can revolutionise the way you manage events and sell tickets. You also gain access to event analytics so you can improve your marketing efforts.

The first step is to select the right platform.

Seatedly is the fastest-growing ticketing solution in the UK. We offer the lowest commissions and a robust online platform for managing physical and virtual events. Our platform is also highly scalable.
Whether you plan on selling thousands or millions of tickets, you can depend on our cloud-based solutions to meet your needs. Contact us today to set up your account and start managing the sale of tickets for your upcoming events.

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